“Through my sculpture I explore and celebrate life. I am inspired by the elegance and power of nature and how people integrate it into their culture. 

I constantly challenge the materials I use and this often requires me to develop innovative production techniques in order to achieve my aim. 

My passion is creating sculpture in hot poured iron. The ritual of the iron pour,  the alchemy of earthly matter into timeless form.” – Caro Burberry MRBS

About Caro

Caro’s talent and love of sculpture was a late discovery informed by a zig-zag path of life experience. 

Born in Aylesbury she grew up in rural Buckinghamshire. Loving parents encouraged her eclectic mix of creative interests while ensuring her feet were kept firmly on the ground by academic studies.

Abandoning an initial ambition to become a speech therapist, Caro tried her hand at a variety of jobs: insurance inspector; air hostess; men's fragrance promoter; boat crew and scuba diver; chalet maid and mobile sandwich business owner. But the need for creativity was never far away and after training with Lyn Le Grice, Caro’s incarnation as a spray paint muralist began in 1987. While working in an art gallery she was encouraged to frame her work and explored etching and lithography but it wasn’t until she moved to the Malvern Hills that she was introduced to sculpture.

Caro signed up for a class in sculpture just for a bit of fun and from the moment she put her hands in the clay that was it. It was as if a light had been switched on. Caro had discovered her true vocation and began working in three dimensions.

In 1997, a serious illness gave Caro time to focus on her future and what she would most like to do following recovery. There was only one option – to become a sculptor.

Caro opted for a classical training at The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture. While studying, her work began attracting attention and her first life-size sculpture – Bronze ‘Emerging Woman’ - was purchased for St Michael’s Hospice near Hereford. 

Hot-poured iron has since become a favourite medium with Caro to create the transient and timeless qualities she has become renowned for.

Now living high in the Malvern Hills, Caro works from both her Worcestershire studio and also from the USA. Each year she holds an Open Studio exhibition to showcase her latest work.