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Caro Burberry's artwork is about intimate relationship with nature and landscape; It explores a sense of joined destiny and belonging between humans and the rest of the natural world.

Caro Burberry grew up surrounded by the fields and woodlands of rural Buckinghamshire that provided her with a deep and enduring connection to nature. 


A lifelong artist with a strong background in printmaking and drawing, she received a classical training at The Frink School of Figurative Sculpture, where her mentors included Alan Thornhill and Peter Randall-Page RA.


While studying, her work began attracting attention and her first life-size sculpture - bronze Emerging Woman - was purchased for St Michael’s Hospice near Hereford. Indeed, her artistic foundations and fascination with the expression of human spirit continue today in her privately commissioned portrait head sculptures.


Caro discovered her love for creating sculpture in hot-poured metal while working collaboratively with fine art foundries and museums in the UK and USA. 


“I’m fascinated by the ritual of the pour, the transmutation of raw earthly matter into timeless form.”


Caro is equally at home modelling in clay, making a mould, then pulling a wax for bronze pour, as she is carving in Styrofoam, incorporating natural materials and other inclusions for direct burn out with molten iron.


“I have a hand in all processes from sketch to sculpture whether the artwork is small, life-size or beyond. The scale of my work is dictated by theme, unfolding ideas and where I am in the world.”


Complementing her own studio practice, Caro has led specialist creative workshops for over 25 years and been a guest lecturer at De Montfort University. Her sculptures cast in bronze and iron are commissioned and exhibited worldwide.




Notable commissions and exhibitions include:

Portrait bust of Flying Officer Franciszek Surma, for Polish Heritage Day, Worcester, UK 2021 

Adam and Eve, for University of Winchester, UK 2018

Out of Nature Sculpture Exhibition 2017, Herefordshire, UK

AAF, Hampstead & Battersea, London 2016-17 (GreenStage Gallery)

Roots and Wings, for Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Indiana, USA 2016-17

Circle of Life, for ‘Iron Tribe Exhibit 2017’, New Mexico Highlands University, Las Vegas, USA

Ascension,for Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Indiana, USA 2012

'Iron Works' at Dudmaston Estate, Shropshire, UK 2010 

'Iron Works', Ironbridge International Cast Iron Art Exhibition, Shropshire, UK 2009

Indiana Visionary,for Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum, Indiana, USA 2009 

Download Caro's full CV.

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