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“Bob’s Bust, as it’s been dubbed, has been much admired and brings me daily pleasure – pray not from egoism – but as an outstanding work of art.” 

“There’s a stranger in the Warman household. He doesn’t say much, doesn’t say anything in fact. And he doesn’t do anything. Just watches.

But he’s got people talking. Say how much he looks just like that bloke off the telly. ‘It’s ‘im alright’. Words like ‘clever’, ‘incredible’, ‘unusual’ ring around his head. But his expression is fixed. Just watching. 

His pupil-less eyes follow me around the room. Inescapable. Impossible to ignore. I pause. A moment of contemplation looking at each other. He remains silent, yet I know what he’s thinking. I was there at his birth. Just sitting and chatting as deft hands applied dabs of clay, to be scalpelled and pallet-knifed into a familiar persona. Not a mirror-image, much less a photo-image, but an expression that I and others recognise. 

That is the remarkable skill of Caro Burberry. Discovering the character of her subject and infusing that through clay and fire into a bronze that communicates silently yet forcefully. Did I say ‘stranger’? Not for long I suspect. Looks like he’s here to stay. One of the family.”  Bob Warman

“From a tenuous brief Caro's inspiration and flair developed drawings and models taking us through every step of the exciting journey in the evolution of a bronze sculpture, culminating in the casting at a London Foundry, where we saw this most stunning creation, beautifully executed with care and passion.”  Samantha and Robert Maskrey

I am the Founding Director of Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum and I have known Caro for many years. In all of those years she has impressed me with her ability to immerse herself into her work as an artist. She truly gives all her time and energy to the project at hand.

We met at the Museum of Steel Sculpture in Coalbrookdale, England where we created cast iron sculptures together for many years in a row. We learned a lot from each other and loved to feed off each other’s creative energy. This relationship grew into a much larger commitment when she proposed a project that would involve us working together on her newest cast iron creation. Indiana Visionary.

The conception of this massive half-ton cast iron sculpture was to be produced stateside at my studio in Lexington Kentucky where Caro showed up and began to work day and night on a very limited time line, in fact time was so precious that one wrong move or just one day off and her sculpture would not be completed. Her passion didn’t let her down as she used up every hour of each day carving her pattern that was over 11 feet tall. Once the pattern was completed she packed it all up and drove it down to Birmingham Alabama, a good 5-hour drive. There she made the thousand to five thousand pound sand molds needed to cast it in iron utilizing the awesome SLOSS crew. They were able to run enough iron to cast her molds and turn her vision into a very heavy and rough reality.

She then packed up her new massive castings and drove them right back to Lexington to begin her magic. The castings came to life as she chased, grinded and cleaned for hours on end. Then fitting all of them together to see for the first time her vision had become a reality that would now last for hundreds of years.

We then packed up her new sculpture and drove it 4 hours north to one of the largest sculpture parks in the mid west that is tucked into the woods and hills of Solsberry Indiana, Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum. Once we arrived she carefully found the perfect site for her installation.  Right on the edge of a rather steep incline, almost a cliff. She cleared the wooded area and cast a huge cement base for her sculpture to be bolted to and the next morning we set up the crane and lowered Indiana Visionary slowing down onto it’s newly formed site. As the sunset we finished the patina work and cleaned up our tools in the dark. She had done it! Her vision was now planted firmly in the fresh grounds of the Museum for all to see for years to come. Caro used every minute of her time and every once of energy she had with me at Sculpture Trails, a true demonstration of an artist’s passion at work. Commitment and devotion to sculpture combined with an immense passion to create and you have one of the greatest sculptors I know, Caro Burberry. Thank you Caro for keeping the object alive and well. Gerard Masse, Founding Director, Sculpture Trails Outdoor Museum

“We currently own three pieces created by Caro, and have been very impressed with Caro's ability to listen and respond creatively to our brief.  Caro's intelligence, insight, and excellent communication skills have made it a pleasure to commission her, and the intuition and depth she brings to the creative process have been breathtaking....”   Paula Kingston


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